Video: Ever Seen a Donk-amaro Do Half a Donut on 32s?


Certain enthusiasts refer to all vehicles on massive wheels as donks, though that term only applies to modified 1971-1976 Chevrolet Caprice and Impala. Thus, this white Camaro is definitely no donk, and if were to describe it in a few words, we’d say that it looks like a horse carriage, bar the pulling power. It’s no longer a muscle car with sporty credentials that can actually attack corners at relatively high speeds, as it has more inches under its belly than most modern crossovers and SUVs. It rides on a pair of oversized wheels, said to have 32 inches in diameter, a very controversial modification that would make any true petrolhead pull their hair. In an attempt to prove that it still has proper driving skills (not), this Chevrolet Camaro burned a little rubber by doing exactly half a donut, in an empty parking lot, before driving away. The whole car looks rather clean, from what we can see anyway, as the person holding the camera (and filming vertically) kept their distance, which is understandable, as they probably didn’t want to risk injury in case something went wrong during the stunt. But all’s well that ends well, as nobody was injured, and the vehicle lived to tell the tale. Now, rather than ending our story here, we decided to share yet another similar build with you. It was uploaded on the same YouTube channel, which specializes in such projects, and it is a Mercedes GLE Coupe that has gone down the horse carriage route as well. The dark red crossover coupe, with privacy windows, sports a set of Forgiatos, 30 inches in diameter, which are probably the biggest supported without butchering the wheel arches. Both videos are only a few seconds long, so we wouldn’t take that snack break just yet.