Video: Tesla Model Y and Model X electric cars reach Mount Everest base camp


A Chinese blogger was able to reach the 5200 metre-high base camp as a part of his 2000km road trip.

Jordan Mulach


The fully-electric Tesla Model Y and Model X have made it to the northern base camp of Mount Everest, more than 5200 metres above sea level.

In a 2240km road trip documented by Chinese vlogger Trensen Chongqing, the Model Y and Model X were taken on a drive along a stretch of the China National Highway 318, a 5500km route between Shanghai and Zhangmu.

Posted to Tesla China’s YouTube channel, Chongqing detailed the journey which included nine stops at Tesla’s recently-completed Supercharger locations along the route, enabling his Model Y and his friend’s Model X to stay charged throughout the journey.

While the need for snow chains reduced their range to just over 250km per charge, the frequency of Superchargers in the once-inhospitable area meant the task trip was completed with relative ease.

In Camp Mode, both vehicles stayed warm overnight in the freezing conditions of China and Tibet, sacrificing range for the comfort of their occupants.

It’s worth noting that while internal combustion-engined vehicles can operate above the 5200-metre altitude of the north base camp, Nepal has an exclusion zone for fossil fuel burners near the base camps, meaning only electric vehicles can now access the site.

Tesla’s Chinese Supercharger network currently consists of more than 8700 individual chargers at 1200 locations, while its Australian customers are serviced by a total of 40 Superchargers in all jurisdictions bar the Northern Territory.

Jordan Mulach

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