Vin Diesel’s 2-Story, $1.1 Million RV Is Neither Fast Nor Furious, Definitely Impressive


In the early 2000s, Anderson Mobile Estates was a very popular name with A-list celebrities. The custom coach maker’s client list includes names like Will Smith, Simon Cowell, Denzel Washington, Adam Sandler, Ice Cube, Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, Shakira, Mariah Carey, Jamie Foxx, and even former POTUS Bill Clinton. It was, as such, an easy choice for Vin Diesel when it came to getting his own, family-perfect movie trailer. Anderson Mobile Estates, as the name implies, doesn’t just make movie trailers: it builds proper mansions on wheels, fitted with modern equipment and finished only in the finest, most expensive and exclusive materials. These trailers, most of which employ the proprietary roof expansion and at least a couple of slide-outs, are two-story, gigantic, luxurious temporary homes for the select few and, because of all this, the epitome of pampered life. Vin Diesel got his trailer early on, almost right after Will Smith started using The Heat, a $2 million Anderson trailer that remains the most expensive RV in the world. Diesel’s was featured on the HGTV segment Celebrity Motor Homes in 2012, and is currently listed as available for rent on the coach maker’s website, under the name The Comfy Cabin. This points to the fact that, while it might have been built on commission for Diesel, he never claimed full ownership of it. That said, he did use it – and love it – for several years. It is said that the monster RV traveled with Diesel all around the world, accompanying him on location wherever he was shooting a movie. At one point, it was even shipped to Puerto Rico, where he was filming Fast and Furious, and to Montreal, Canada, where he shot Riddick: Dead Man Stalking. Considering it was styled to be a proper family home, it’s no surprise: Vin Diesel often takes his family with him on location. Like many other Anderson trailers, this one too features the raising roof and the slide outs, which bring total available floorspace to 1,100 square feet (102 square meters). The ground floor houses the lounge, which is packed with suede custom sofas and a couple of coffee tables, and the expected large-screen TV to catch up on favorite shows. There’s a small kitchen to the side, and its size is indicative to the fact that not much cooking is done here. Still, it features a sub-zero refrigerator, a dual burner, a small sink, and a convection microwave, as well as a teeny-tiny dining nook for two, comprising a round table and wicker chairs. The living room spills into a private conference room, which can be separated from the area through thick velvet curtains. One of the two desks in the trailer is located here, as well as a couch that probably extends to offer sleeping for two. Upstairs is a media room and more family-friendly features. Other celebrities chose to use the second story for the purpose of entertaining large parties of up to 30 people. Mariah Carey, for instance, turned her upstairs level into a nightclub, while Will Smith used his for a screening room. Vin Diesel put family life first, and work second. This area includes another desk, the media lounge, and a bed for two (presumably Vin’s open-plan master bedroom). Almost half of the available space is dedicated to a children’s playroom, which is essentially a large space with mattresses for floors and an abundance of pillows. The netted entrance ensures that kids playing here don’t spill out onto any hard surface. From the HGTV tour, we find out that Vin’s RV features $70,00 worth of technology, including 3D flat screen TVs and Blu-Ray, smart remote control, and state-of-the-art 360-degree surveillance system. Most trailers from Anderson feature fingerprint reading access, with celebrities choosing to restrict access to the master bedroom to anyone else but themselves and cleaning personnel. Elsewhere, we see lush fabrics, Italian leather, hardwood and granite for finishes, which all adds to the final tally of the RV: $1.1 million. It’s very expensive, to be sure, but compared to other celebrities’ RVs, it’s tame by comparison. Family life can do that to you.