Virtual 2022 Honda Civic Looks Widebody Enough for a JDM-Flavored NFS Life


Presented on Twitch last fall, the Honda Civic Prototype morphed without too many changes into the eleventh iteration of the iconic compact series. And that orange color seems to stick with the new generation.

Looking to make the Civic a more appealing model for the younger generation, Honda jumped into the Twitch (Amazon’s subsidiary focuses on live video game streaming) bandwagon without hesitation. Once it was released, the sedan got on with its traditional duties, battling all kinds of the usual suspects. And, of course, it wasn’t neglected by the crop of visual artists either.

Interestingly, the eleventh-generation Civic is not being sold in one very important market for its popular culture heritage: at home in Japan. Because of declining sales for the previous iteration, right now there’s no Civic traveling the Land of the Rising Sun to uphold its JDM heritage. But of course, this hasn’t stopped the pixel masters from giving it a cool aftermarket allure. After all, one can replicate the tuned appeal just about anywhere.

So, Vishnu Suresh – the CGI expert behind the zephyr_designz account on social media – has seemingly decided to go for that immortal widebody look. That would probably make the 2022 Honda Civic Sedan look great anywhere, from the bottom of Mount Fuji to the top of a Los Angeles parking lot. Although, we are not suggesting anything nasty like a touge battle or a nocturnal street race.

Better keep that for the next installment in the “Need for Speed” gaming series and off the public streets. After all, the widebody 2022 Civic Sedan does have the proper elements for making a name for itself there. We noticed the wide arches, the slammed appearance, the appropriately black Rotiform LAS-R wheels, as well as the upgraded braking system.

All it really needs – if you ask us – are a handful of decals, a big wing slapped on the trunk, as well as a (large) can of nitrous…