Virtual Ram TRX 6×6 “Jurassic Park” Is How Steven Spielberg Would Roll in 2021


Stellantis’ American side of the business doesn’t change generations too often these days, and probably in turn delivers some of the most amazing vehicles on the planet. The Dodge Challenger Demon, the Jeep Trackhawk, the Hellcat Charger, the Durango SRT Hellcat. And, of course, the pickup truck monster – Ram’s 1500 TRX.

With a hulking 6.2-liter Hemi V8 under the hood and 702 horsepower on tap, one would think that it’s enough for the 2021 TRX customers to keep them satisfied. But the big herd of Hennessey Mammoths or the fact it plans to produce the 6×6 Mammoth 1200 version is a big sign that people keep wanting even more.

Interestingly, as far as the 6×6 Ram TRX conversions are concerned, it turns out that a small little shop from Fort Lauderdale, Florida has managed to create an even bigger (and much cheaper) online sensation with its $250k Warlord conversion. So, do we need to feel surprised that virtual artists have also taken notice of the stir?

Case in point, pixel master Timothy Adry Emmanuel (aka adry53customs on social media), who probably references the recent TRX 6×6 tested by the (in)famous vlogger behind the Street Speed 717 channel on YouTube. It seemed that was an awakening revelation that brought memories of wanting to go fully virtual with a personal take on the Ram TRX 6×6.

But although it goes down a different route (visually, at least), his 2021 Ram TRX 6×6 “Jurassic Park” clearly doesn’t stray too far away from the source of inspiration. Instead, it brings forward into the 21st century the Steven Spielberg-directed cult classic movie. So, instead of Barris-customized Ford Explorers and Jeep Wranglers, this time around the focus is squarely on the 6×6 version of the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX.

Complete with a sparkling livery and lots of floodlights. But do you think that’s enough to chase away the creepy darkness and mind-numbing rainy solitude? Not necessarily, because the one giving the nod of approval is none other than a menacing and “very real” Tyrannosaurus Rex…