Virtually Refreshed Toyota Supra Disregards GR, Strives for Divisive Mk4 Legacy


Automotive icons are sensitive subjects. No need to believe us, just look at the polemics surrounding the 2022 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 tribute or the reinvented Ford Bronco.

Toyota has officially brought the wrath of at least part of the JDM community on its head. They did it when they first announced the collaboration with BMW for the latest iteration of the legendary Supra. Years after it’s been out, does anyone think the Mk V GR Supra is even less a heated subject?

Not at all, and that’s entirely valid for the previous – and even more illustrious – generation as well. But virtual artists don’t mind the controversies, as demonstrated on countless occasions. Case in point, Jake – the pixel master behind the account on social media.

For some time, he’s been on a journey of modern rediscovery of automotive icons ranging from the 55-year-old Miura to the Mazda RX-7 rotary herald. He is fully aware of the possible wrath bestowed upon his latest project, taking into account the previous reactions of the JDM community surrounding the rejuvenated rotary sports car.

But he still didn’t mind triggering a war of polemics and valiantly presented us with a modern take on the Mk IV Supra. Unlike the RX-7, which can only be seen from the rear, this time around it’s just the front that comes to live a contemporary life that disregards the existence of its GR Supra successor.

After all, taking some Mk V cues would have been considered just plain lazy CGI. So, the digital automotive creator instead opted for another Toyota model, the GR 86. Sure enough, the looks also remind many people of the all-new 2023 Z car, so Nissan fans might not be very pleased with this one.

Nor Aston Martin aficionados, for that matter, because this Supra also has the side vent taken directly from the current V8 Vantage supercar. But that also gave us some ideas of our own: what if under the hood also resides Mercedes-AMG’s M177 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 mill? That would be something, right?