Volkswagen ID.Buzz Is Back in Black, Still Has Camouflage,-still-has-camouflage

Volkswagen continues its testing process of the prototype of the upcoming ID. Buzz. This time, the prototype is painted in black, and it looks better this way if you ask us. Do not let this trick you into believing this is how it will look like. This time, while it may appear that Volkswagen was testing a camouflage-free prototype, the German manufacturer was being sneaky. Therefore, the example that is seen in the photo gallery comes with a misleading headlight design, as well as fake fog lights, and even a fake charger port location. The front fenders sport fake turn signals, not just with a presumably fake charging plug. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz has its charging port back on the right rear fender, while the real turn signals are integrated into the side mirrors. With that in mind, it seems that someone went through a lot of trouble just to trick unsuspecting eyes. Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz is built on the MEB platform, and it will be produced both in the Hanover plant and in the Chattanooga facility. The retro-styled electric vehicle will be one of the largest models built on VW’s modular platform for EVs. At the same time, its short overhangs mean that it will offer plenty of space inside. Since the MEB platform is employed, VW will offer between 48 and 111 kWh batteries for the ID. Buzz, which should provide a range of up to 341 miles (ca. 550 km) if it will be just as efficient as estimates show. Volkswagen is set to launch the ID. Buzz’s production variant in late 2024 or early 2025. However, the development of the vehicle is more or less completed. It is worth noting that VW wants to launch the ID. Buzz with autonomous driving technology, which is why the launch date is closer to 2025 than it is to 2023.