Volkswagen Project Trinity will be the brand’s new flagship


The new flagship Volkswagen model, which the company is developing under the codename Project Trinity and will launch in 2026, will spearhead the company’s next generation of individual electric vehicles with a focus on long-range semi-autonomous driving – and it will change the way people buy a car.

The new electric vehicle, which is still in development but should take the form of a high-seating sports sedan, will be one of the first models to use Volkswagen Group’s new Scalable Systems Platform (SSP). In addition, it will showcase new digital technologies and software systems in the brand’s lineup, as well as updated battery technology for greater range and faster charging.

The Project Trinity model will be sold in a largely standardized form, but several hardware options will be available to customers. Customers can then purchase and “unlock” the features they want using the vehicle’s software. New features will also be available commercially and can be downloaded via over-the-air updates.

Advanced software will also be the key to enabling autonomous driving. Project Trinity will be offered with Level 2 driver assistance systems, but Volkswagen says it will eventually be offered with Level 4 autopilot, allowing it to navigate motorways with the necessary infrastructure for a long time.

Project Trinity is one of three “speedboat” projects currently underway within the Volkswagen Group. This scheme is designed to accelerate the development of new technologies alongside Audi’s Artemis and Apollon programs. Artemis is developing a flagship sedan, while Apollon will operate as a sister project to Trinity, with the ultimate goal of developing an electric SUV under the Audi brand.

Volkswagen says Trinity will be the brand’s technology flagship. But instead of giving it the shape of an Arteon-style luxury model, the manufacturer intends to have the flagship designation indicate Trinity’s role in bringing new technologies to the company’s lineup. The Trinity is expected to be similar in length to the ID.4 SUV.

Volkswagen has described the Project Trinity as a four-door sedan, although it is unlikely to be shaped like a regular car. Presumably, it will be a more stylized sportback model with a long sloping coupe-style roof that will help maximize both aerodynamic efficiency, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the range, and interior space. A number of Trinity teasers hint at such a design, although it is clear that the project is still at the concept stage, while the main focus is on the hardware that supports it.