Volkswagen refreshes its largest VW Passat sedan for the Chinese market


For this model, the restyling carried out will be the second modernization in a fairly short period of time. Last time the sedan was updated last winter.

Already this summer, the updated Volkswagen Passat sedan will start selling in China. In the course of the next upgrade, the model offered to the Chinese has become even larger. The length of the sedan has grown to 4948 mm after the introduction of a new front bumper (previously – 4 933 mm).

Head optics have become more modern, receiving the high-tech definition of “adaptive”. The radiator grille has also been transformed, which is now adorned with a pair of elegant LED strips. They run through the brand logo and link the headlights together. The taillights were also tied with a luminous strip, only this time in red.

Apparently, the Germans will not change the engine range of the “other” VW Passat. One of two petrol turbo engines can be hidden under the hood of the sedan: a 1.4-liter, producing 150 or 211 hp. and a two-liter, whose power can reach 186 or 220 hp.

In conjunction with the engines, a robotic gearbox operates in seven stages.

The drive is uncontested front. Whether the interior has changed is not clear. After the February update, the sedan received new decor and a touchscreen for controlling the climate in the cabin.

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