Volvo models get multimedia with built-in Google


Swedish car manufacturer Volvo continues to improve its Android-based infotainment system with Google services. Improved multimedia with “Google” services went to the XC60, S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country models.

Volvo is the first to partner with Google on Android multimedia systems. As a result, multimedia gets access to popular Google applications and services.

The first such “smart” media system was tested by the new Swedish electric car XC40 Recharge. In addition to the built-in Google services, the automaker’s digital services package includes a proprietary Volvo On Call app with many useful functions, as well as wireless charging for gadgets.

As for Google services, this is Google’s personal assistant – Google Assistant, the Google Maps mapping service and the Google Play app store. With its help, the car owner will have access to all sorts of popular applications for motorists.

In addition to the new multimedia, the aforementioned Volvo models will acquire the most modern driver assistants.

We are talking about an advanced ADAS system, which manages all kinds of cameras, radars and sensors. When decorating the interior of such cars, the Swedes used new materials, and the palette of shades for painting the body became richer.

Recall that by 2030, Volvo is going to switch to the production of electric cars in density, and the Swedes are going to sell them in the virtual space.