Volvo Recharge Concept debuts sleek electric crossover with hints of new XC90


Volvo is switching to electric vehicles only. The company has unveiled a new concept called Recharge, which is being marketed as a “manifesto for the next generation of all-electric” models.

The Recharge looks much more radical than the XC60 and XC90. He embodies a new design philosophy that incorporates the idea of ​​”less is better”. The developers decided to get rid of “unnecessary elements” and provide “high-precision flush execution”.

The radiator grille has been replaced at the front with a “shield-like structure” with an illuminated Volvo emblem. She is surrounded by a new interpretation of Thor’s Hammer’s tapered headlights, which feature a variety of animations. At the rear, you can see the streamlined body and massive side skirts.

The model also features hidden door handles and rear suicide doors. Other notable features include a panoramic glass roof, slim struts, and a roof-mounted LiDAR sensor.

There are vertical taillights at the rear. They have been “reimagined with a set of fenders that expand at higher cruising speeds to further improve overall aerodynamics.” The concept boasts a minimalist bumper, a concave tailgate and a small spoiler.

The ‘smaller but better’ theme continues in the cabin as drivers will find a minimalist instrument cluster with a 15-inch infotainment system. There is a free-standing digital instrument cluster mounted on the steering column.

There are four separate seats separated by floating center consoles. The concept also uses environmentally friendly materials, there is a storage compartment in the form of a bag.

The concept is built on a new platform designed specifically for electric vehicles. This allows for a completely flat floor, unlike the company’s first generation electric vehicles. They share the floor with ICE-powered models. Designers are required to balance proportions and space to accommodate both the battery pack and the combustion engine.

While the Recharge is technically a concept, it is expected to feature an updated XC90. Volvo previously stated that the crossover will arrive “around 2022,” so we should find out more in the coming months.

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