Volvo’s first electric vehicle plant to open in America


Auto giant Volvo is switching to an all-electric brand. An enterprise for the production of such machines is being organized in the United States in South Carolina.

Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson has confirmed that the Ridgeville plant will be their first plant to produce only electric vehicles.

The plant is currently producing the S60, but next year it will add Polestar 3. The move was announced earlier this month. The company described the model as an “aerodynamic electric SUV” that will ride on a new dedicated platform. The company also said the Polestar 3 will have an Android-based infotainment system as well as “high-end, safety-oriented autonomous driving features.”

The plant will begin production of the next generation XC90 around 2022. A redesigned XC60 may eventually join it, but nothing official so far. Volvo is working with the plant to adopt a build-where-they-sell strategy.

Automotive News notes that industry analysts believe “build where they sell” is more profitable for EVs as it reduces the need to export heavy EVs. It also helps companies avoid duties such as the 27.5% levied on cars made in China. At the same time, there will be some export to Europe and, possibly, to China.

Read also that the new Volvo electric car already in the “base” will receive wireless updates to the driver assistance system.