VW Could Take Lamborghini Public

A Very Interesting Move

VW Group recently was reviewing its brands and according to a report from Reuters, the group is thinking of taking Lamborghini public. The company is talking to “bankers and potential investors about listing the Italian sports car maker on the stock market.”

This move by VW could take some time to materialize. However, one person who discussed the possibility with Reuters said: “This is a first step which gives VW the option to list the unit further down the line.” If VW chose to make this move, it would likely still retain the majority stake of the company to that it could keep control.

Listing the company as a public entity could help VW Group invest in other brands and electrification further. Other companies have made similar moves recently. Aston Martin and Ferrari spring to mind first.

There’s no guarantee that taking Lamborghini public would be a good a good move.

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