VW T2-Based AMBIENC3 Concept Car by Continental Celebrates World Premiere at the IAA


The German-based automotive parts manufacturer claims it’s come up with the close-to-perfect vehicle interior with AMBIENC3, keeping its focus on sustainability, design, and functionality.

Based on the Volkswagen Type 2 microvan, the concept vehicle tries to blend in driving with working and relaxing, all within what Continental calls a “third space”. Although it has an appealing, retro look, AMBIENC3 uses modern, sustainable technologies in the development of its surfaces. Continental explains the car is made of natural, renewable, raw, and recycled materials, allowing passengers to breathe freely when inside, thanks to the low-pollutant components used.

Continental also boasts of the coziness of the AMBIENC3, with the bright, natural colors of the interior giving a homey vibe, but also a modern feel. The goal is to make the interior motivating for passengers both when it comes to work inside the van, as well as when they have to relax.

AMBIENC3 has no visible buttons and switches, at last not at first glance. The company uses its Shy technology to make that happen. This means that there are no permanently visible controls because they are invisible when the functions are in “off mode”.

Continental also uses printed, heatable materials that take just a few seconds to generate heat. The AMBIENC3 concept car has surfaces that have high abrasion resistance and optimized soiling characteristics. A “staynu” (stay new) technology makes the driver’s seat more dirt-resistant and easier to maintain, keeping its new look for a long time. Moreover, almost like a living organism, some of the car’s surfaces even have self-healing attributes in the event of damage.

Then there’s also the “laif technology” that offers a soft feel and allows air and water vapors to pass through, delivering breathability.

The AMBIENC3 vehicle concept is a futuristic one, which is why Continental also designed the car to be autonomous, allowing passengers to enjoy the interior of the car instead of being focused on driving. Also technology-wise, Continental plans to equip the AMBIENC3 with its speaker-less audio system Ac2ated Sound, a ProViu 360 camera system for more safety on the road, a photovoltaic charger on the roof to generate energy, eTravel, and Intelligent Glass Control.

Those who have the opportunity can visit Continental at the IAA Mobility event and even step into AMBIENC3. So far, we have no production calendar and other such details about the car.