Watch: Autocross Truck Shows Drag Racers how it’s Done on Their Home Turf


Autocross is a form of racing that features tight turns, slaloms, and very few long straight stretches, but this Chevy truck built for those turns can dominate on the quarter-mile too.

It’s rare to find any vehicle that’s actually one of the best in any form of racing, but this bright green Silverado proves that sometimes, cars are just fast no matter what kind of competition they’re in.

According to the owner, he is using the truck in question to tow some four-wheelers to the track. It also features a 408 LQ9 motor with an LS3 top end, a Holly high-ram intake manifold, and a Texas Performance-built T56 transmission to send power to the rear wheels. Did we mention the giant 85mm turbocharger?

All together, this package is built almost exclusively for autocross competitions which is obvious when you see the high-drag ducktail spoiler bolted to the back of the truck. But despite what would seem like a disadvantage, this truck is about to set a record.

One of the very first passes made nets the truck and driver an 11:03 pass at 141 miles per hour on the same setup it uses for autocross, but then it gets even faster. His first run in the full-on drag racing class semi-finals sees the truck finish in just 10:59 seconds at 136 mph.

That’s pretty quick but what’s shocking is that the following day the truck sets a new record for a full weight GM truck with a five-speed transmission. That record now stands at 10:09 seconds at 134 miles per hour.

It’s fast enough that this truck and driver goes on to smoke just about everything on his way to the finals, where he loses by less than half of a truck length.

Not too bad for a vehicle that was never meant to race to begin with, and then when it was built up for speed, that speed was supposed to be going around corners.