Watch: Jay Leno Drives The New Hummer EV Off-Road


While we’ve seen many YouTubers get their hands on the new Hummer EV, we were still waiting for a chance to see how it actually drives when the road runs out. Jay Leno does just that.

For the five people unaware, it’s important to define the new Hummer EV in the proper context of its past. Jay Leno begins by doing the same thing, sorting out how it was once the thirstiest, most environmentally unfriendly, and anti-aerodynamics vehicle on the road.

Despite that reputation, it gained fame and popularity through its go-anywhere do-anything personality. Today, original Hummers in good condition can sell for well over $100,000.

That makes this new Hummer EV sound like an even better deal in every way. While the first production Hummer EVs will cost north of that mark, later versions should be $79,000.

Jay Leno knows his off-road vehicles too so the Hummer EV is a breath of fresh air in many ways. He immediately points out how impressed he is by the vehicle.

Considering that this is a pre-production model, without all the fancy body cladding, that’s saying something. We even see damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle that must have happened during testing. No surprise there, considering the rough terrain it had to deal with. 

While not demonstrated in this clip, Jay and GM designer Al Oppenheiser discuss the “crab walk”. This feature allows all four tires to turn up to 10 degrees in the same direction. It should allow for more maneuverability than ever before in a vehicle of its size.

They do get the chance to feature the incredible turning radius of the Hummer EV though. Thanks to rear-wheel steering, it’s more nimble than its giant footprint might suggest.

While we can’t wait to see more video footage of the Hummer EV doing its thing, this video is fun. It’s clear that General Motors is serious about its transition to electric vehicles.