Watch Out for This Waze Error If You Use the App on CarPlay


In theory, app updates are supposed to bring new features and improvements, but as some Waze users figured out the hard way lately, this isn’t always the case with the Google-owned traffic navigation app.

And it’s all because the latest version of Waze for iPhone and CarPlay seems to bring back at least a couple of glitches that have already been fixed by the parent company in the previous updates.

The first one is the error that we’ve told you about a few days ago when we announced the new version. The speedometer is now displayed partially outside the screen, and for some reason, the only way to fix it is to force-close the app on the iPhone, as this triggers a reboot on CarPlay too.

Waze is then loaded correctly, with the speedometer correctly aligned – worth knowing, however, if the glitch comes back on every first run, so maybe this is where the dev team should investigate the whole thing.

Another error that I’ve noticed during the weekend causes Waze to take over the audio on CarPlay completely, so it no longer allows you to adjust the volume for playing music or phone calls.

In other words, even if you press the volume buttons on the steering wheel or the head unit, no matter if Waze is in focus or you’re on the CarPlay home screen, you still adjust the navigation voice volume.

This is quite a headache, especially when talking on the phone, as you can barely hear what the other person is saying. And the only workaround that I found was to disconnect the phone and connect it via Bluetooth, as the moment you plug in the cable and launch the Apple app, Waze once again takes over the audio.

It remains to be seen how widespread the whole thing becomes, but for the time being, no full workaround is known to exist.