We Drive The 2022 VW Golf GTI Mk8 And 2021 Golf GTI Mk7 Back-To-Back To See What’s New


Like it or not, hatchbacks are a dying breed in America as consumers have embraced crossovers with a cult-like fervor.

One of the biggest blows came in January when Volkswagen announced the standard Golf was being dropped after nearly five decades. However, it wasn’t all bad news as the company confirmed the redesigned performance Golf GTI and Golf R would be coming stateside this fall.

The move is the ultimate fan service to enthusiasts and we recently got a glimpse of what to expect as we track tested a Euro-spec Golf GTI Mk8 against its Mk7 predecessor. This back-to-back comparison is probably the best way to experience the new model as the Mk8 features small, evolutionary changes that add up to be a big improvement.

A Sleeker, Sportier Hatch

While the pandemic has eroded our sense of time, more than a year has passed since Volkswagen introduced the redesigned Golf GTI.

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