We Drove A BMW M8 Gran Coupe For Seven Months, Here’s What We Learned


BMW’s M8 Gran Coupe is, along with the rest of the 8-Series range, about to drive off into the sunset, albeit so the German automaker can replace it with a facelifted version of the same thing. Which makes this a good time to talk about the seven months I spent testing the outgoing version for the UK’s Car Magazine.

In case you need a reminder, the M8 Gran Coupe takes the V8, all-wheel drive heart of the M5 sedan, and drops it into the more soulful four-door 8-Series GC shell. That sounded like a pretty appealing prospect to us, and there was plenty to like, but a few things we’d improve, too.

The M5 Wishes It Was This Cool

I get it, stealthy is the BMW M5’s USP. Always has been. But I often find myself wishing it had a bit more Audi RS-style swagger about it.

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