We Think This 6K-Mile 1974 Honda CB750 Would Be the Ideal Classic Ride for You


Let everyone know you mean business as you ride atop one of Honda’s finest creations.

Do you remember that time when there was a shortage of note-worthy live auctions on the BaT (Bring A Trailer) website? Right, me neither. Given the abundance of two- and four-wheeled rides on offer, countless petrolheads who live in the United States are regular visitors of this online platform. If you’re looking to turn your garage into a museum by purchasing a classic motorcycle, the autoevolution team has some great news to share with you.

The bike we’re featuring here is up for grabs until Wednesday (July 21), with a current bid of just $6,500. It is a pristine 1974 variant of Honda’s celebrated CB750 lineup, and its odometer tells us that it’s only seen a little over 6k miles (around 10,000 km) of tarmac during its lifetime. Furthermore, it comes with refurbished carburetors and a fresh set of grippy tires installed by the current owner back in May, 2020.

Let’s take a quick look at the four-banger’s main technical specifications, so that you may get a clear idea as to what we’re dealing with here. The CB750 Four is put in motion thanks to a four-stroke SOHC inline-four mill, which carries two valves per cylinder, four Keihin carbs and a healthy displacement of 736cc.

When the tachometer sits at 8,000 rpm, the air-cooled powerplant will feed 67 ponies to a five-speed transmission. At about 7,000 revs, a respectable torque output of up to 44 pound-feet (60 Nm) will be delivered to a chain final drive that spins the bike’s 18-inch rear wheel. Ultimately, Honda’s samurai is capable of covering the quarter-mile distance in 13.5 seconds at 101 mph (162 kph).

To be fair, these characteristics aren’t exactly impressive by modern standards, but they are precisely what made the CB750 so popular during the ‘70s. At the end of the day, a retro two-wheeler isn’t about colossal power output numbers or supreme performance; it’s an artifact that ought to be relished by any self-respecting rider.