We’re Driving The Manual 2023 Toyota Supra, What Do You Want To Know?


After just over two full decades, the Toyota Supra is finally going back on sale with a manual transmission. Before that happens, though, the Japanese brand is giving us a chance to test out the car on the track at Utah Motorsports Complex. With that in mind, what do you want to know about the first manual Supra since 2002?

Toyota says that since it relaunched the Supra just a few years ago that fans have been clamoring for a true three-pedal car. It also tells us that since that time it’s been eager to fulfill that wish and that it’s excited to present the 2023 GR Supra manual to its customers.
While there’s quite a bit of new info on the car that we can’t share until the embargo lifts on September 7th, we can tell you that we’re testing it both on and off of the track. This just so happens to be the same event where we’re actively testing the new GR Corolla hot hatch too.  » Read More