We’re Driving The Suzuki Across, What Would You Like To Know About This RAV4 Clone?


Suzuki was kind enough to lend us its flagship – the Across PHEV. If the SUV looks familiar it’s because it is the result of Suzuki’s collaboration with Toyota, essentially being a rebadged RAV4 Prime / PHEV. We have already driven the latter but were intrigued by the quirkiness of its clone so we were happy to get the keys for a week and test it in a variety of driving conditions.

The Suzuki Across was introduced in 2020 in a quest to help reduce Suzuki’s fleet average CO2 emissions in Europe, thanks to its plug-in hybrid nature. In the same year, Suzuki launched the Swace, which is a rebadged Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid. These are the only examples of rebadging in Suzuki’s European range, expanding the product catalogue of the automaker in new segments.
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