Widebody Nissan Skyline GT-R Rides on Hilarious Milk Crate-Inspired Rotiforms


Everybody is actively contributing to the rise to fame of the crazy milk crate challenge these days. Including automotive virtual artists, although most of them are not promoting stupid and dangerous things. Sort of.

Count on those folks who crave a little (virtual) attention in the form of subscribers, likes, and shares to disregard their personal safety and embark on crazy, idiotic, and often dangerous stunts. The latest Jackass-style shenanigans revolve around the so-called milk crate challenge.

Basically, the gist of it would be to arrange empty milk crates in a pyramidal staircase-like fashion and try to cross them. One can imagine the results are often hilarious… and utterly painful. Everyone has seemingly embraced the trend, including the automotive pixel masters. Although, most of them add a decidedly personal touch.

For example, the person behind the bradbuilds account on social media has imagined a story revolving around said milk crate challenge. It all started a few days ago when the virtual artist’s equally CGI R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R was robbed of its precious Rotiform wheels. Instead of the round wonders, he was imaginatively left with a set of cubical milk crates. Complete with the proper center caps… as these virtual thieves have respect for the brand!

Now, the chameleon-yellow fifth-generation Japanese sports car produced from 1999 to 2002 is a bit more relaxed. The virtual owner has gotten his widebody ride’s wheels back… with a twist. Just to continue on the same page with the imaginative take on the milk crate challenge and hopefully promote safer ways of having fun with it, the CGI master introduces a completely new set of Rotiforms.

These are called Rotiform CR4-T3 and look unlike any other wheels before them. And it’s easy to see why, since the deep-dish set is now packing the same design as any humble milk crate out there. Hopefully, it’s a forged construction, not the traditional plastic build that is used for the source of inspiration…