Willow 9000 Sounds Like the Terminator of Custom Tiny Homes – May Very Well Be


It’s here I ran across a tiny house manufacturer named Alphaline. If you’ve never heard of this crew, it’s probably because you haven’t been looking for a tiny home. However, with a history that dates back to 1990, this design and manufacturing team is worth keeping an eye on. Because of their extensive experience in building these types of structures, this crew also offers a completely customizable experience; from trims to handles and tapware, all will be your choice. That said, Alphaline units are tough to appraise. Even the manufacturer’s website doesn’t state a price for any of their structures, nor for Willow 9000, the home we’ll be looking at today. Yes, folks, Willow 9000. I know how that sounds, but frankly, it doesn’t matter what you call this home; it’s a downright simple, elegant, and capable off-grid habitat that can sleep six and features a layout very much like a traditional home would, just tinier. Why show you another tiny home? Well, precisely because of that keyword “home.” Frankly, not many tiny homes out there end up looking like a normal home would. I mean, Willow even includes a reading nook, designed and built with a bit of platform and a curved wall so you can view the world around you while safely protected from the elements. To get an idea of what this tiny home can do, check out the gallery, but then return to the text to get a feel for the things you may have missed. First off, each Alphaline home is built with a DuraGal frame, features electric brakes, and, depending on the model, can come with a GVM of 4,500 kg (9,920 lbs). With floor, ceiling, and wall insulation, these buggers can be built to withstand hurricane-force winds. As for the interior of Willow, what is there to say? It looks clean-cut and minimalist, but that’s just perfect for a tiny home; it allows for lots of wiggle-room. I already mentioned the reading nook, but now it’s time to see the rest. The reading nook is part of the living room, a place where a modular couch can be set up and sleeps two guests. From here, the downstairs area features a large walk-through kitchen with any amenities you’d like, be it an oven, residential-sized fridge, maybe even a dishwasher. Beyond the kitchen, a simple and elegant bathroom even offers access to the world outside, just in case you come back dragging mud on your feet. However, it’s upstairs that Willow reveals its true potential. Accessed by a staircase and split by a corridor, two loft bedrooms, one on each end of Willow, are in place for the remaining four guests. Each room features a walk-around platform for the bedding size of your choice and a large window to allow natural light inside the area and eyes wandering the world around. A blend of metals, woods, and LED lighting offers a feel rarely met in a home of this type. Then there’s the fact that these homes are built in Australia, a habitat known for being quite unforgiving. The customization process can be rather costly, depending on your dreams, and upon further research, Alphaline doesn’t seem to limit its customers much, meaning they’ll do what they can to add solar power and anything else you may want. Just bring your wallet. Looking to get into the tiny house movement? Well, Willow 9000 is a unit to consider if you’re looking for a home much like the ones we live in already, a real tiny house.