Wooden Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus Looks so Gorgeous, Makes You Want to Hop in


Volkswagen’s Type 2 microbus is one of the most iconic vehicles to be released by the German car manufacturer and one of the most popular ones among custom builders. With its unforgettable and inviting looks, this hippie van is the definition of retro coolness, be it in miniature or real-size.

The latest project shared by Woodworking Art is a gorgeously looking 1976 Volkswagen Type 2 crafted at the request of a friend. Customized according to the client’s request, this miniature VW is an instant nostalgia trigger, taking you back to simpler, more relaxed times.

This funny-looking van is carved out of Fujian cypress wood with a glossy coating, just like all the car models crafted by the Vietnamese artist. This evergreen coniferous tree is highly valued among furniture builders and artists in Asia, for its high density and characteristic aroma. It can turn anything into a work of art when molded by the right hands.

The Vietnamese artist behind the Woodworking Art YouTube channel has a true obsession for detail, in the best possible way, which is always mirrored in his flawless art pieces, just like it is the case with the Type 2 car model.

For those interested in supporting his work and getting a 100 percent handcrafted collectible, you can visit his Etsy channel, where most of his artworks are up for sale.

Type 2 was Volkswagen’s second car model, named so in an uninspired way, simply because it came after the Type 1 model, which was the Beetle. Over time though, it started being referred to in a variety of other ways, becoming the Transporter, Microbus, Kombi, Campmobile, and even Hippie van, back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Volkswagen introduced the Type 2 in 1950 and it discontinued it in 2013. It was marketed in a variety of body styles, from panel vans to passenger wagons and pickups.