World’s Favorite Trio Is Back for Another Special: The Grand Tour’s Carnage a Trois


Unapologetically described as “everyone’s favorite trio,” the three presenters of The Grand Tour are back with another special. Like the previous one, Lochdown, this show is described as “lockdown special,” which means that the crew had to come up with something different because of the pandemic.

Fortunately for us and everyone else who wanted to watch the show, the trio, and their production team have found a way to keep viewers entertained. As you have probably figured out by now, the Grand Tour’s latest special show is called “Carnage a Trois,” and it takes place in France.

As you will see in the trailer, it is focused on French vehicles. In just 150 seconds, which is the length of the trailer for the show that will be available to stream on Amazon Prime starting December 17, 2021, you can see several vehicles being destroyed in creative ways, as well as various stunts.

It all happens with French music in the background, as well as Jeremy Clarkson’s renowned voice-over jokes, not to mention the classic back-and-forth banter that everyone expects from this show. The unmistakable chemistry between the three presenters will make for yet another captivating show.

On the other hand, we cannot help but notice that the last Grand Tour special was released back in July, which means that we will probably have another six or seven months of waiting until the next one. We are just making a guess based on the time between the first and the second special, but we do not expect to see something this big from The Grand Tour until Summer 2022.

Hopefully, the trio and the production team have planned other releases in the meantime, but the format of the show was changed back in 2019, after the end of Season three.

Unfortunately for everyone in the world (hopefully, you read that in Clarkson’s voice) the pandemic has dramatically restricted travel and brought many restrictions that limited the team’s possibilities for new specials.