Would You Buy This NC MX-5 Turbo Kit Instead of an LS Swap


LS swaps are overrated. There, we said it, seethe if you wish. If we have to see one more perfectly acceptable NC MX-5 be butchered to high holy heaven with an LS engine ham-fistedly squeezed inside, we’ll pen a strongly worded article lamenting it.  Luckily, there’s help at hand for those who want power out of their Miatas without gutting the gem on an engine. Thanks to the team at BBR, you can now fit a shiny, new supercharger onto either your 1.9 or 2.0 liter NC engine without having to resort to no-name brands from unscrupulous manufacturers. Let’s give you the down low. First of all, BBR specialty MX-5/ Miata aftermarket performance tuning company that conducted much of its business in the early NA and NB MX-5 models, but also the newer ND series. BBR also made performance parts for the NC, but their latest supercharger system is bound to be a gamechanger under the hood. The system is designed to fit comfortably inside the engine bay of a standard NC MX-5 with a minimum of hassle or confusion. It should be liable for up to 300 horsepower. For some context, the average DIY LS-swap enthusiast is not going to want to spend money for the full Corvette or Camaro engine. They’re more likely to use a lesser LS-derived L59, a 5.3 liter V8 found in early to mid-2000s Silverados, Suburbans, and Z71 Chevy Avalanche’s. These engines will make a ballpark figure of around 285 horsepower without modification. All while taking major reconstructive fabrication to make it fit properly. A level of skill and expertise that most DIY warriors simply don’t possess. Meanwhile, a BBR stage two supercharger will make similar power without having to re-arrange your entire engine bay. You can also opt for the lesser stage one package, which offers 250 horsepower out of the box for a more affordable and more attainable performance boost. A stage one supercharger tune will run you £4,590.00 ($6,209.21), while stage two will cost you £5,995.00 ($7,561.98) with a 12-month warranty.