X-Games Gold Medalist Visits McLaren, She Jumps Impressed by Priceless Exhibits


When you are a six-time X-Games victor, the question “can I bring my board?” gets only one possible answer. A positive one, which probably enticed Brazilian pro skater Leticia Bufoni to (literally) jump around during her McLaren sight-seeing tour.

By the looks of it, the renowned British sports car manufacturer hasn’t decided to undertake another four-wheel extreme sport. Instead, it probably wanted to attract the attention of a certain part of the customer base with help from skateboard professional Leticia Bufoni.

After all, the Brazilian should be well known among board lovers thanks to her six gold medals at the annual X-Games. Lately, we have seen that skateboards go hand in hand with an active lifestyle irrespective of age, but we sure hope that aficionados of extreme sport will be able to afford a supercar before they reach their retirement years.

McLaren is clearly hoping so, judging by their decision to promote the brand’s aura with help from Bufoni. And the company has taken action directly to its McLaren Technology Center headquarters, with the British automaker inviting the six-time X-Games gold medalist for what’s best described as a private tour.

Throughout the packed one-minute short film, we can see the skateboarding pro dividing her attention between her usual tricks and some of the rarest and most legendary McLaren automobiles, including a priceless F1 GTR Longtail. The tour was obviously comprised of all sorts of shenanigans, with cool kickflips and stair set ollies on the menu, but of course, the McLarens also got their chance to shine.

Especially at the end of the video (embedded below), when Leticia Bufoni casually secured her branded skateboard inside the new McLaren GT before taking off (presumably into the sunset) with the menacingly dark example. As a reminder, she was driving an RWD, mid-engine supercar that’s powered by a 620-ps (612-hp) 4.0-liter V8 engine linked to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

And we have no idea of her top speed on the skateboard, but the McLaren does 62 mph in 3.2 seconds and won’t stop until it reaches 203 mph (327 kph)…