XAG Announces New Agricultural Drone Models for Next Year, Including Its First-Ever eVTOL


Available in more than 40 countries worldwide, XAG’s drones aim to make digital agriculture the norm, welcoming farmers into the AgriFuture. The company continues to enrich its product line portfolio and just unveiled new drone models for 2022, including its first-ever eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) platform. We already covered the Chinese manufacturer’s popular V40 and P40 autonomous agricultural drones, which are designed and equipped for a wide range of applications, from mapping to spraying, broadcast, to name just a few. Now, XAG announces several new models to be released next year. The P100 and V50 agricultural drones are some of the newbies of the series. They are both flexible and can easily switch between granule spreading, crop spraying, and field survey. We know that the P100 is a quadrotor that comes with a payload capacity of 40 kg (88 lb), just like the V40 model. We’re not being offered any details on V50’s capacity, but XAG mentions that the drone has a dual tilt-wing design. Thanks to XAG’s RealTerra 2.0 mapping module, the drones can survey a maximum area of 13 hectares (32 acres) per sortie in farmlands and orchards. In addition to the new P100 and V50 drones, XAG will also launch two new models of its M series of remote sensing drones, which help farmers with their field mapping needs in rural areas, reducing labor costs. One of the two drones, the M2000, is, in fact, the company’s first eVTOL fixed-wing flight platform. It can fly for 90 minutes on a charge and comes with a fast-charging battery. It can map up to 533 hectares (1,317 acres), making it a great solution for large-scale farmland surveys. The other one is the M500, which is lightweight and comes with a foldable design. It supports four types of gimbal cameras, being able to take HD shots of the farmland and generate digital field maps. None of the aforementioned is listed on XAG’s website yet, but the manufacturer says they will all be available for global sales sometime next year.