XAG Unveils an Upgraded Version of Its R150 Autonomous Agricultural Robot


While China-based manufacturer XAG is primarily renowned for its agricultural drones, the company is also good at making unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), and its R150 stands as proof. The vehicle is described as the first mass-produced agricultural robotic platform of its kind and the recently announced 2022 version of the vehicle brings some upgrades to the table. The XAG R150 is a versatile autonomous solution that has a variety of applications. It comes with a modular, extensible design that allows users to switch between different wheelsets, depending on the terrain they plan to use it on. Thanks to the adjustable ground clearance of its chassis, the R150 can even find its way through dense orchards. XAG’s 2022 version of the UGV comes as a scalable open payload platform, with the robot being suitable for a variety of tasks, from high-precision crop spraying, fertilization, to mowing, and on-farm transportation. The vehicle has a 150-kg (330-lb) load capacity. A 15-minute charge of its dual batteries gives you four hours of endurance. For the new R150, XAG also added a HydraulicSpray system that lets users quickly install a group of liquid pumps and pressure spray nozzles for crop protection, in various landscapes, as explained by the manufacturer. XAG claims the UGV can spray up to 5 hectares (12 acres) per hour, with a maximum spray width of 12 meters (almost 40 ft). The R150 is equipped with a SuperX 4 Pro control system, featuring auto-location, visual tracking, and automatic obstacle detection. It comes with high-speed 4G and wireless capabilities, offering real-time transmission. A handheld control stick allows you to remotely control the robot and a mobile app allows you to pre-program routes. XAG equipped the unmanned ground vehicle with a high-performance brushless motor with a maximum torque of 1,000 Nm. The robot has a standard operating speed of 2.6 mph (4.3 kph). Right now, XAG doesn’t offer any information on the availability of the R150 other than it’s “coming soon” nor does it tell us how much it will cost. You can fill in a form on the company’s website if you want to find out more about the UGV.