Yamaha’s 2022 SXVenom Snowmobile Destroys Big Snow for Small Price – Tad Over $8K


If you don’t have the largest budget for your winter fun this year, get a load of the 2022 Yamaha SXVenom as the perfect example of the freedom you can experience this winter season outdoors. Heck, better get ready soon as the season is almost here.

Since 1955, Yamaha Motor Corporation has been excelling in anything motorized. From motorcycles to ATVs and even jet skis, if it’s got a motor and can be ridden at high speeds, this crew has probably tinkered with it at some point. Meanwhile, it became a name trusted all over the world for its gear.

As for the vehicle in question today, we’ll be looking at the most affordable of the snowmobiles offered on Yamaha’s website. When I say affordable, I mean it. This little trinket only comes in with a price tag starting at $8,199 (€7,083 at current exchange rates).

However, there is a little catch. It’s technically aimed at youth and entry-level riders. Nonetheless, if you’re new to this sort of game, or your big-kid snowmobile is out for repairs, this tracked machine will still raise the bar on your winter fun.

One of the new features that Yamaha has added to the Venom is their new alloy chassis designed to function with minimal components. Sure, minimal sounds bad, but if you look at it from a perspective of there being less to worry about breaking down while riding, it’s a win.

This chassis supports an independent double-wishbone suspension at the front with hydraulic twin tube shocks with 7.2 inches (183 millimeters) of travel, more than enough for a smooth plush ride over snowy mounds. Don’t worry; the track and rear offer just as smooth a ride because a Dual Shock SX 121 with twin tubes will be offering the rear 10.7 inches (272 millimeters) of travel. Wait for it, there’s a center shock too, and yes, it’s a hydraulic twin tube.

Powering the track and the smile on your face, a two-stroke engine with 397 cc of spunk will keep things under control, especially for the younger cats on the block. With a CV Tech clutch/ transmission and 11.7 gallons of fuel, you’ll be able to reach your destination with no problems. Even though Yamaha’s website doesn’t say anything about top speed on this sucker, the 2021 model has reached speeds of 62 mph (99 kph) and up in the hands of some riders and on groomed trails.

This is achieved due to features like a power valve system that adapts exhaust port openings based on RPM, EFI, and the whole thing is liquid-cooled too. Slowing everything down is going to be a Hayes Performance Stealth master-cylinder and caliper.

With features like electric start, push-button reverse, and 4-inch (10-centimeter) race screen, keeping things under control should be a breeze. And speaking of control, single keel skis and punched running boards will be helping you stick to the machine and work your way through the snow.

If there’s one thing folks have been saying about the 2021 SXVenom is that it’s one very straightforward and fun machine. Hopefully, Yamaha carried that spirit onto the 2022 version. Judging by the spec sheet on the manufacturer’s site, they have.