You’ll Never Forget This Very Italian Euro 2020 Championship Celebration


Some people say that soccer fans are not very much into cars and vice-versa. That probably depends on which country you are talking about. If it is about Italy, “calcio” and vehicles prove to go along well, as the video below clearly demonstrates, with a gorgeous Alfa Romeo GT hooning as much as the Italian flag waves out of the driver’s window.

We have no idea where this video was shot in Italy, but we hope it was something well planned and with the authorities’ permission to happen. If none of the previous conditions apply, this is definitely something we would not recommend: someone could decide to drive into the same roundabout while the happy tail of this Alfa Romeo GT was in the way. That said, it is thankfully fun to watch, and no one got hurt apart from the rear tires.

The car alone could make you never forget this very Italian celebration of the Euro 2020 Championship. It looks like a GT 1300 Junior. At the same time, it is powerful enough to drift on apparently dry asphalt, which makes us think it is at least a 2000 GT Veloce. It seems to have a white “quadrifoglio” painted on each front fender, suggesting it is among the stronger Alfa Romeo GTs still alive. Still, we would need to talk to the driver to learn more about the car and the celebration, which went viral.

The “carosello” put the gorgeous Alfa Romeo sideways five times around the roundabout. Since Italy scored only one goal during the match and 3 of the penalties, the number of complete turns had nothing to do with the game, only with the fun involved in the process.

A big well done to Italy ???????? last night. Roll on the World Cup. ????????????????????????????

— Vint-tro. (@Vint_Tro) July 12, 2021 If you fear the owner may face legal problems if anyone decides to track his license plate or if authorities decide to sue him for the public display of skill at the wheel, a tale a late friend used to tell me may give you some peace of mind.

He and his wife were test driving a Lamborghini Countach in Italy, and he went the wrong way. Police officers on bikes stopped him, and he apologized. In those times, there was no GPS, Waze, or Google Maps to avoid such issues. The police officers not only did not fine him: they escorted him to where he wanted to go. They also pushed as hard as they could to see how fast the Countach could go.

Things may have changed, but you can always count on Italy for its love for cars and soccer. Feel free to watch the video again if you have any doubt about that.