YouTube Video: Engineer Builds Awesome Overland Bike Trailer From Old Wheelbarrows


What was created out of two common aluminum wheelbarrows? Nothing more than a very solid overland bike trailer. The mind behind the project is Laura Kampf, an engineer, designer, and overall lover of tinkering and repurposing things in ways you wouldn’t believe.

A recent video posted on her YouTube channel reveals her plans and steps to make a bike trailer capable of handling some rough roads and loads, and even though I’ve said it once, I will say it again, the contraption you’re witnessing is made of nothing more than two wheelbarrows and some small extras bits and pieces.

Now, if you’re the sort of person that likes DIY projects, this one may just be for you, assuming you’ve got the tools Laura reveals in her video and know how to use them. If you do, the nine-minute video below will offer you just enough information to be able to whip up your own wheelbarrow bike trailer in two-day’s time tops.

What you need from the start are two aluminum wheelbarrows. Put the one on top of the other as to see if the edged line up, and if they do, you’re set to proceed further. Once sizing is completed, Laura removes the wheels and all other components the basins may have attached.

Left with two halves of a pod, it was time for sanding and smoothening of edges. After all, you don’t want your hands getting snagged or cut on any edges, and a nice paintjob should help things looking fresh. Once sanding is completed, the halves are lined up again and connected at the rear with a set of hinges.

Sure, there’s a bit more to do that just put some hinges on; you’ve got to put in some screws, tighten then, even cut some new steel supports for what will ultimately become a new set of wheels. Oh, you’ve also got to know how to use a welding station.

With a new axle in place and a set of shiny red tires which are eventually painted black, the trailer was nearing completion. A couple of ventilation slits on the side of the top half are also added, and then it was off to painting.

With a fresh paintjob complete, hinges are secured, a diamond plate aluminum top is added, a couple of mounts to secure cargo with, and of course, a spare tire, just in case things get hectic. That’s it, you now have your very own overland bicycle trailer made of nothing more than two wheelbarrows.

Sure, you’ll also have to weld a frame together to the whole thing, but if you follow the steps Laura did, that too, shouldn’t take too long, but you do need to know how to weld. With everything in place, it was time for testing, and it appears as though this sucker can even carry a full-grown human around town.

If I was to make my own, the only things I could think of adding would be some rubber lining to help the bins from vibrating against themselves and a latch at the end to help keep the darned thing shut. Other than that, this just might be the project to get everyone in your neighborhood rolling around with a bike trailer.