YouTuber WhistlinDiesel Does Extreme School Bus Stunts


If you take a look at WhistlinDiesel’s YouTube channel, whose real name is Cody Detwiler, you know he doesn’t mess around with small vehicles. He loves monster trucks and trying out different things that not many would think of. Or approve of. 

However, with all these extreme videos, all of Detwiler’s videos gather over 2 million views each, which brought the 23-year-old a net worth of almost $2 million. Insane.

So, now WhistlinDiesel is schooling us in one of the weirdest ways possible. He purchased a yellow school bus, you know, the regular kind, for $5,000. He wasn’t going to drive it regularly on the street, you can imagine that. The YouTuber also shares he feels ripped off, although he agreed to pay for it.

His idea of fun was “extreme off-roading,” as the video title says. He decided to take the vehicle to its limit, although Detwiler himself didn’t know what he was doing. He soon found out.

He cautions everyone before getting to it: “I don’t know what the point of this entire video is literally at all, but that’s probably the more fun part,” he admits, “because who knows what we’ll get into?”

At first, he tries to find out how to open the doors, and then plays with the doors for a while. He shares he has no idea how to drive this, but then tries to figure out the dashboard features, pushing buttons. Before driving off, he already smashed the interior video camera and almost broke a ceiling fan.

In the middle of the video, he also shares it’s illegal to drive it on the road because kids could mistake it for a real school bus. So, he took it for an off-road driving and found himself stuck in a small creek. After being towed out of it, he continues to drive it through water and gets stuck again.

Then he decides to see what happens if a bus had auto-pilot, and eventually crashes into a tree.

I guess the school lesson here today, kids, is don’t ever try this at home. Reckless driving never goes unpunished. Or so we hope.